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The smooth leather everyday tote is back

Puzzle bag

While small bags still have their uses and occupy coveted space in our armpits, the highly functional and essential handbag is back. When it comes to an overall stylish and timeless bag that fits this need, I'm here to want to introduce you to a handcrafted leather bag for everyday use.

Of course, designer bags of all kinds are the right brand to modernize your handbag. But MC Creative Handmade Bags has made the handbag an enviable and coveted must-have through handmade bags, which makes everyone think the handbag deserves a much-needed comeback. A handmade leather bag will give us not only a visual effect, but also more pride and enjoyment than a designer bag that you made yourself, and that's exactly what we're looking forward to doing for everyone.

MC Creative Handmade bag utilizes leather elements by cutting all the bags into different sections and then combining all the small panels together into one bag by hand sewing by the customer, while maintaining the practicality of an everyday handbag. The leather has a slight grain that offers a subtle yet striking shine and a soft touch. The chain and leather handles add further high-level embellishment, both of which allow the bag to be held by hand or slid over the shoulder for hands-free wear.

Puzzle bag

No name to be found
Another thing that makes these bags stand out is the lack of a brand name. You'll notice that it doesn't have a brand name anywhere, and once the leather, which is divided into small pieces, has been assembled into a finished product, it's completely yours. A complete bag designed by you and sewn by you.

Pocket Bag Kits

Each bag has their own size, all designed to meet your everyday needs and can be used in multiple ways. The larger tote bags can easily be carried on your shoulder or held in your hand. Some have an internal patch pocket and a zippered pocket and a snap closure for a little more security. Some don't have a patch pocket but will have a zippered pocket with the same snap closure.

Either size is quite spacious, so when choosing a size, it depends on how much you want to carry. The large size is 41.5 x 35 x 18 cm while the medium size is 36.5 x 28 x 17.5 cm and there is a smaller mini size. i love that you can make this bag look super nice for the work day but can also easily wear it up. The simplicity and beauty of these bags is refreshing, and like all designer bags, every detail is taken care of. One of my favorite aspects of learning about a bag is seeing Savoir-Faire and we would love to share with you pictures of all the steps a bag goes through in its creation.

Pocket Bag

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