DIY Handmade Leather Bag Making Kits ----- A Great Gift to Your Best Friends or Lover

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A range of beautiful leather gifts for people who love crafts 

Maybe you're a DIY Handicraft Lover or Beginner, or you're looking for the perfect gift for your Best Friends or Lover. Here's the right place. Our DIY Handmade Leather Kits are design for Handmade lover, which including a full tool set (Wax line, Scissors, Needles...) and free complete tutorials for you (Teaching you how to sew it step by step).

It's suitable for your daily life that all design ideas are inspired by Animes and Famous Brand.

Also it could be a great gift to your best friends or lover. Making a gift to your best friends or lover by yourself with heart, instead of purchasing one. Ranging from mini wallets through to luxurious leather handbags, you can find a leather craft kit that’s right for your budget and simply perfect for your friend or loved one.

Our DIY Handmade Leather Bag kits make brilliant birthday presents or Christmas gifts but choosing a gift for a crafter can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re not a crafter yourself. There’s no need to worry, we’re always on hand to give advice (contact us to ask about gifts for crafters). If you’re unsure what might suit the recipient's age or skill level, we’ve compiled a handy gift guide.

Sew the leather bag together

Since sewing leather bags with a machine isn’t really possible, (although I did sew up bags using thin garment weight leather on my mum’s domestic machine back in the day), hand sewing is probably where you’ll be at if you’re new to leather bag making and leather craft.  Both ways have their pros and cons and will give the finished piece a unique feel.  You don’t need that many tools for hand sewing, but it takes a long time and is haaard on your hands!  Leather sewing machines cost a pretty penny, but you’ll whip up bags in no time.

Enjoy using your bag and learn from your mistakes

Even when you’ve doggedly planned out your bag beforehand, you may make mistakes.  Or you might wish you’d done things slightly differently.  Welcome to the creative process!  Practicing and making more and more iterations of your bag will make you into the master maker of that particular bag you’ve designed.  And it’s only by using your bag day after day in real life that you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work about it.  Making your own leather bags should be fun.  Yes, you’ll want to end up with a bag that you can use and that you can brag about to your friends (or secretly hope that passers by will ask you ‘where did you buy that bag?’) but it’s unlikely that you’ll get it totally right first or even fourth time round.  I say enjoy the process, get lost in the flow and embrace the perfectly imperfect.

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