After college, I worked ordinary jobs until The COVID 19 of 2020 when, like many Americans, I lost my job.

This created opportunity for reflection. I drew a Venn diagram made from three lists:

1. What are the things I love to do?

2. What are the things I’m genuinely good at?

3. What are the things I could make a living doing?


As the lists overlapped, dots connected into what became MC Creative Handmade Shop. I realized I wanted my own business - where I design and make beautiful, lasting products. My design inspiration came from years of collecting and dealing vintage apparel, and military MC Creative Handmade Shop - made from natural materials and engineered for no-nonsense utility.

MC Creative Handmade Shop began in MARCH 2021. The first ten months I balanced a placeholder job with nights and weekends devoted to designing and making products. By September, I left my job to run MC Creative Handmade Shop full-time.

It’s now 2021 and skilled people help me in a larger studio with more equipment, but my principles haven't changed. Design with absolute devotion to quality, utility, & timeless design.


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